Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling provides you with a comfortable environment to offload. Clients can receive therapeutic support and encouragement while talking to a counsellor via the phone. Some people don't have regular access to the internet. Others may simply prefer to talk and hear the voice of a professional that they can trust. Telephone Counselling is well suited for that.

Telephone Counselling Is Convenient and offers a safe atmosphere, you can speak openly to caring and compassionate Counsellors without fear of criticism or judgement. All of our counsellors are based locally in Hampshire. All you need is a landline or mobile to have Counselling over the phone. You can speak from wherever you are with no worries about having to travel, this saves time and reduces costs. You'll receive personalised Telephone Counselling sessions that are not only affordable but comforting too.

Many clients with limited time opt for Telephone Counselling. As well as having sessions from the comfort of your own sofa, you can walk and talk in the park, speak while on the go or during a break at work. Telephone Counselling is also very flexible and convenient for our disabled and housebound clients, sessions are accessible while relaxed at home.

You will have your own counsellor and they will work with you to create a diary of sessions that suit you.

You can share, ask, vent, receive fresh insight and be listened to during your session. You hear the voice of your Telephone Counsellor; this can be very calming in times of distress

Access sessions from anywhere via landline or mobile phone

You may be housebound due to disability, caring for small children/elderly parents and have no support system to enable you to spend time away from home, Telephone Counselling is very convenient. It can be less intimidating than face to face counselling

Is Counselling over the phone confidential?

  • Confidentiality is an integral part of Counselling:

  • Your calls remain strictly confidential

  • Your telephone number will never be shared with anyone

  • You'll never be contacted by phone, other than for pre-arranged telephone counselling sessions.


How many sessions can I have?

Initially, there are 8 x 45-minute sessions recommended, you may find that you need less or more. After the 7th Session, your counsellor will review these sessions and together plan a way forward, with the possibility of extending to more.

Is there a cost involved?

As a charity, we do not charge for our services but ask for a donation for each session to cover our costs and those of the counsellor. We suggest a donation of £10 per session at the current time, and this should be paid before the session takes place and payable online at the following link ( please put your surname as reference)