Aimed at those aged 16 – 21 who have lost parents or grandparents, this group helps deal with the anger faced by the loss, helps to support the young person as they hand.

Losing someone important is one of the hardest things to experience in life. If you're young, bereavement can be even more difficult.

The teenage years can be a lot of fun, but they are also often an emotional time. If someone close to a young person dies, it can be incredibly hard. Their world may feel as though it has crashed down around them.

It can make them feel very alone, especially as a young person, because they might find that none of their friends have gone through anything similar and won't understand or know what to say.

Talking about grief is an important part of getting through a bereavement.

Choosing who to talk to about your feelings is a very personal decision.

Sometimes the most unlikely person can offer the most support.

Our young and bereaved group is more than sitting in a circle and chatting, its about learning from other’s experiences, undertaking activities and social interaction whilst having full access to our listeners and support network.

We will be resuming our realtime groups as soon as we are allowed to and these take place in a variety of locations across the Counties