We understand knowing someone will soon pass away is an intensely upsetting time although it can provide an opportunity to properly say goodbye. For many, dealing with the uncertainty around the expected date of death and the gradual deterioration of a loved one means that the period of loss begins before the actual death thereby extending the period of grief beyond that experienced with an unexpected death.

We can provide the opportunity for families and individuals to sit down and chat about what they expect to happen, provide guidance and support in planning for the precious time left that you have as a family and to look at ways of celebrating a life and remembering your loved one in the future.

Our Bereavement Buddies can also help point you in the right direction regarding any legalities as the time comes, whether its sorting bank accounts, the family home and wills.  They can also work with you on making decisions regarding how to celebrate a life and costs associated with the final journey and any other help that is needed.


Above all we are here to help, support, listen and comfort.