Who Runs Butterflies

Butterflies is run by an elected board of trustees who are elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. The chairman of the trustees is elected at the meeting of the trustees following the AGM and can serve for up to three years. There are also two ex-officio members of the board of trustees who are non-voters.

Current board of trustees                                                                     Butterflies Centre Team

Chair :    Mrs. Julie Lamont                                                Coordinator:   Vacant

Vice - Chair:   Ms Tracey Eldridge                                     Friendship Team:   Bethan and Suzanne

Mrs J Goold-Davies                                                            Admin Team:   Aaron, Norma

Mrs R Shimmel                                                                    Counselling Coordinator:  Julie

Mrs T Hurst                                                                          Counselling Referrals:  Vacant

Dr P Gwyer                                                                           

Mrs J Hopkins

Mrs  E  Grand-Scrutton

Mr. M. Burrows-Gibson

Current Board of Trustees

Ex-Officio Members

Alison Shaw   - Minute Secretary

Colin Shaw  - Hon. Treasurer


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Butterflies has a wide range of policies and procedures that have previously been adopted in line with our commitment to a clear and transparent governance.  This year in line with the constitution all polices are being updated to be more adaptable to new ways of working and ensuring that in the future they fit both normal working and if there was a return of lockdowns for whatever reason.  New Policies will also be written as needed as future services are developed.

Policies and Procedures will appear below shortly


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