In our communities there are many people who are isolated not just during the current situation but on a regular basis and they are often forgotten and people assume that they have regular contact from others, when that is not obviously the case.

Our Rainbow in the storm project brings together experienced volunteers who have been trained and had DBS checks to create a significant support service for anyone who is lonely.

Those we support can either contact us directly or be referred by statutory authorities.  No one is ever excluded, and our service is flexible to the often-unique needs of an individual. 


Our buddies service is part of a bigger project that will forge close contact with those alone and encourage interaction and conversation with others and work towards greater social interaction and the development of increased friendship clubs.

Through the development of services to the lonely and bereaved we can transform the lives who lack friends and social inclusion.

The Friendship Service coordinator are Bethan and Suzzane and can be contacted at the Butterflies Centre