Dementia and Loss

Our community dementia project is working with those families and individuals affected by dementia and by helping them to understand both as a family unit and as an individual on managing the bereavement aspects of losing control of their lives and being unable to do things as they have in the past. 

The initial part of the project is a drop in and chat session where families can come along to chat about their loved ones and the grief that they feel because parts of the once active mind has slipped away through there dementia and they are often forgotten by those they still love.

By providing reassurance and the knowledge that help is available, we can then work with families on an ongoing basis and provide them with counselling and emotional support as needed.

As the project develops, we can see us working with families both individually and in groups and look at ways of incorporating our end of life care project into for those experiencing dementia and loss.

The disease might hide the person underneath But there is still a person in there, who needs your love and attention?


We will also be working on ways of supporting those with dementia who have their own bereavement to manage when they lose friends and loved ones.

We will be working with professionals to ensure that Butterflies is recommended as a dementia friendly organisation.


We are a Dementia Friendly organisation and we can train our volunteers to be dementia friends.

If you have a relative who has dementia and feel that you would benefit from extra support, please contacts us.