Through our work  with the NHS and wider community, we are very aware that in the current pandemic the way we deal with the loss of a loved one is more difficult to understand and cope with.

In addition to the grief process, we are faced by the restrictions around the passing, from limited or no visiting being possible, funerals with very restricted numbers and not having the chance to say a final farewell between the passing and when the funeral takes place

These added concerns can and often do cause additional distress at the time of passing and on an ongoing basis.

Grieving and Isolation is also another concern for many, as you have not been able to interact with others including family members.


Whilst we can encourage you to attend our support groups in person – we are still allowed to meet during the pandemic, you may feel that this is too hard to do.  


We can support you on the telephone with either our Counselling Services or the Friendship Support service or both if needed

If you have been bereaved by Covid 19 please contact us and one of our counselling team will arrange to meet with you or if you prefer, we can do telephone counselling.