Counselling Sessions

When you lose a loved one due to bereavement, it can generate a wide range of feelings, including grief, whilst others will see a change in mood, and experience things such as anger, sadness and even guilt as you try to adapt to dealing with your loss.

How you manage your bereavement can differ from one person to the other, and this can also be affected by religious beliefs, family reactions as well how well you knew or got on with the person.

For many people, there is no way of getting away from dealing with bereavement in our lives, whether it’s a work colleague, friend or family member and whichever it is, it can be very upsetting and feelings of sadness that are hard to overcome.


If you find that your sadness is affecting your life, or if you feel depressed or distressed and the sadness is affecting your life, then accessing our counselling service would be a significant step forward on the bereavement journey.


Bereavement Counselling aims to help the person who has lost a loved one or friend to cope with the more usual feelings and symptoms associated with grief. It also aims to help the person reach a healthy and clear way forward in which they carry the positive memories with them as they continue their own journey of life.


Our Bereavement Counsellors are trained to understand that everyone experiences grief in a different way. It is a uniquely personal thing and each session is tailored to suit your circumstances and feelings.  The counsellor will work with you to find ways of keeping some connection with your deceased love one or friend so that you still feel close whilst moving on with your own life


The Butterflies Bereavement Counselling Service offer as many sessions as you feel you need, and we have counselling hubs in various areas which are comfortable and person-centred face to face counselling.  All our volunteers are trained and have had ongoing support, undergo supervision and are fully interviewed, references taken, and DBS checks completed.

Before allocating you to a counsellor we will:

  • Undertake a telephone consultation to establish the type of bereavement

  • Send you a Counselling agreement and the name of your counsellor

  • The counsellor will make contact to arrange the appointment and venue

We appreciate a donation per session.