Following the success of Butterflies and Candles Memorial Event in 2018 – which was very successful

We needed to do something more organised in 2019 and take into consideration that we are reaching out to significantly more people than ever before.


Date:  Sunday 10th November

Time:   3pm

Venue: Romsey Abbey


This year we are doing something totally different that is inclusive and reaches out to people of faith and those whose beliefs are different. 

This year is for all ages equally – hence we are having an afternoon event

There will be a memorial service in the Abbey of word and music –Informal and something for everyone.

Every person attending will have the chance to light a candle in memory of every loved one they come to remember – not one per family- one per lost loved one – there is scope to create a massive visual effect of candles whose flames show the spirit of our loved ones dancing in the flame and spreading the warmth of their love throughout the lives of all those mourn just as they did when they were alive.  This will be a tribute that ensures that their spirit lives.


During the memorial service – everyone will be given a butterfly on a stick!  They will have a label and be encouraged to add a label with a message in memory of that person and with that name on the label and these are attached to the stick and at the end of the service every person will be invited to place the Butterfly into the ground of the South Garth of the Abbey and in the breeze the wings will move signifying that their memory is alive in our hearts.


Afterwards, people will be invited to have tea/coffee/hot chocolate and butterfly cakes and share memories with others before heading home.

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Mobile:  07889009393


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