Bereavement Support

This group is for anyone who has experienced bereavement.

Losing a loved one can turn your world upside down and make you feel lost and we feel that by talking about how you feel can help.  Everyone experiences grief in a unique way.

The group is a place to meet others who have had similar experiences to your own. It is somewhere you can speak freely and share stories with others coping with losing a loved one.


We can provide a space to talk about the pain of loss but also find courage and strength in knowing you are not alone.

Here it is ok to cry and laugh, to be angry or frightened.


You may be more of a talker or better at quietly listening.


Sometimes it’s good just to have a cup of tea and hear people’s stories.

Our support group is back twice a month on Thursdays in Eastleigh - contact us for more details as we have

restricted numbers due to restrictions in place