Bereavement Support for Carers

Losing someone close to you can be devastating, especially if you have been caring for them. Butterflies is working with all those who have cared for loved ones and who are faced with a whole range of feelings.

Once the arrangements have been made and the funeral taken place, you will then find that you are alone and able to focus on your own feelings.

Many carers find that they have to look at other way of coping and adjusting from their role as a carer.  You may experience a whole range of emotions, from having time for yourself, being able to go out with friends, to guilt at wanting to reorganise and make big changes, to feeling totally exhausted, alone and not sure on the way forward.

Talking about what has happened, and about the person who has died, can help you to work through the feelings you may have. Friends and relatives who knew the person who died and can share memories of them with you can be a great source of support.


Talking to other people who have been bereaved, and who have a good understanding of what you may be going though can also help.

Our Carers Bereavement Support Groups provide a meeting point, advice and information and counselling support.  We also offer social events and interaction with others to avoid loneliness.

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