Butterflies  runs a Friendship Buddy Service for anyone who feels lonely and isolated.  It is for any – not just the bereaved.

Why a Friendship Buddy?

Living in our busy communities can become a lonely experience as you grow older, especially if you can’t get out and about as you used to. Having someone to spend time with and talk to can make all the difference. For others the lack of friends and contact with others brings on loneliness when others assume

The Friendship Buddy Service aims to reduce the stress of loneliness and isolation, increase peoples' confidence, and enables increased independence and social interaction.

“ I hardly ever get out of the house and I have no friends who stay in contact, the occasional card at Christmas popped through the door, but no one comes by and checks I am ok.  James became my Friendship Buddy and helped me to transform my life and I now interact with others and even go to the Butterflies Friendship Groups”  Ray  73


“ Since my husband died, I have not had any contact with the outside world, my life revolved around housework and looking after the children, no one else came to visit and my circle of friend diminished.  Annie became my Friendship Buddy and has given me hope and I look forward to visits and phone call and even meet her for coffee once a week “  Alison 43

What is a Friendship Buddy?

Our Friendship Buddy Coordinator will match you with a volunteer Friendship Buddy for regular social contact, with visits every week or fortnight. Your Friendship Buddy and you might:

  • go along to friendship groups and community activities

  • go to out for coffee and chats

  • have a cup of tea and a chat in your home.


The Butterflies Friendship Buddy Service is for everyone

Who is Befriending for?

  • For those who are isolated or housebound

  • Live in Hampshire or the Isle of Wight

  • Have a limited social network and would like to reconnect with the wider community

  • Live in a care home and would benefit from a regular visitor


This service will prioritise those who are isolated due to frailty or physical impairments and have no regular meaningful social connections. 

You do not have to be bereaved to access our services

What won't a Friendship Buddy do?

While having a Friendship Buddy can be wonderful and help improve your life both emotionally and physically, it is important to note all Friendship Buddy are volunteers. This means they are not like a social worker or key worker.

A Friendship Buddy also won’t be able to help you clean the house or do jobs for you, but they will provide you with company. They can also, with your permission ask our coordinator to signpost you to additional services if you feel that you would benefit from other practical support.

How do get a Friendship Buddy for myself?

If you want to have a Friendship Buddy, please fill in our self-referral form below or if you want to refer someone you think could benefit from having a Friendship Buddy please send us an email at

If you have any questions email us or call on 078890099 and speak to our coordinator.

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Friendship Buddy?

The Friendship Buddy Service supports people with the aim of reducing social isolation and connect people with other members of their community.


What does it involve?

You will meet someone once a week for around an hour. We will match you with someone who is right for you, where you both have similar interests. We will also come with you to your first couple of visits to help you both get to know each other.

As a Friendship Buddy you might:

  • Support your new friend to attend one of our friendship groups

  • visit them in their home

  • go for a walk or out for a coffee with them

  • accompany them to appointments if they struggle to go alone


As a Friendship Buddy you will need to:

  • Keep an updated confidential record of all contact, visits and phone calls to report back to the Friendship Buddy Coordinator.

  • Inform the Friendship Buddy Coordinator whenever you have any problems or concerns.