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Please be aware Butterflies counselling service is operating with a waiting list of 8 weeks - please be patient.

About Us

Butterflies Bereavement Support is a community-based bereavement charity. We are a community not by choice but by circumstances. We reach out to each other, in love and understanding. With tolerance and patience. We are a community; we do not grieve alone.

Butterflies is here to transform lives through the provision of accessible bereavement care and support for all ages. This includes arrange of services that meet the different needs of the bereaved community now and in the future. Grief is as unique as you are, and as individual as a fingerprint. Each person will be affected in his or her own way because everyone is different – even in the same family. Each had their own relationship with the person who has died, their own experience of other losses and differing levels of support available – we are here to support them.

Bereaved people, even those who have witnessed the peaceful death of a loved one, often need to tell their story repeatedly, and at that important part of transferring the experience they endured into a memory, instead of re-living it like a parallel reality every time they think about it – we are here to encourage open discussion with all people.

Who we are

Butterflies Bereavement Support was founded by a group of people who had experienced bereavement and loss and who have used their skills and experience to ensure that all people have full access to a specialist bereavement support network at the time of need for their family and friends. 

The Community Bereavement Support services have grown over the past six years through the dedication of volunteers and by responding to the ongoing requests for support that we have received from all ages across a very diverse community. 


All of our services, groups and activities are open to the whole community on an equal basis.

We are a community united in grief and a community that transforms lives.